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Syzygy Ensemble Concert

Review - the Syzygy Ensemble

On Monday 29th February Merilyn Burt’s  Let’s Do Music group attended a performance by the Syzygy Ensemble at The Salon of Melbourne’s Recital Centre.  Pierrot By Moonlight was the first concert of the ensemble’s year-long tribute to Schoenberg. They played:Towards the Beginning by Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh, Sonata for cello by Debussy, Synergie by Erikk Sven Tüür, Vertical Time Study no.lV by Toshio Hosokawa and Night Window by Brett Dean. 

Contemporary music, with its passages of dissonance and atonality is a challenge for many people.
  Many of us would not have chosen to listen to these pieces at home, but through the intimacy of the venue and the alchemy of live performance, the music drew in the audience.  We saw the musicians catch each other’s eye, give and receive cues and most of all, and we heard not just the music; we heard the instruments. The clarinet’s keys creak when they move, bows rasp as they move across strings and unfamiliar music takes on an engaging depth and colour.

The immediacy and drama of Syzygy’s performance captured and delighted the audience comprising not just members of U3A City and concert-goers, but two of the composers as well as family and friends of the musicians.
The after-performance glasses of wine offered to the audience were very nice too.
Lyndsey Burton
February 2012