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Florey Daytime Lectures


All lectures are held at the Ian Potter Auditorium, Kenneth Myer Building, 30 Royal Parade, Parkville, from 11.00 - 12.15.

Cost and Bookings
Free but booking essential via the buttons below.
Getting there
Reasonably priced parking, including many disability spaces, is available under the Kenneth Myer Building with lift access to the auditorium.  Bring some gold coins for the ticketing machine.
Public transport
Take tram 19 on Elizabeth Street, heading away from the city to stop 11, Melbourne University. Cross the road to the Kenneth Myer Building. Look for the Dr Dax cafe sign and you'll know you're there.



Tuesday, 4th April, 11.00am


Stroke Research and Treatment
Professor Geoffrey Donnan AO Director of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Prof Chris Bladin and Prof Amy Brodtmann

To launch our free public lecture series for 2017, we are bringing together three renowned Melbourne neurologists. This presents a rare opportunity to hear the latest news in stroke research and treatment from three stroke experts. There will then be time for you to ask questions.

Wednesday, 7th June, 11.00am


Motor Neurone Disease: The Chase for a Cure
Dr Bradley Turner
Dr Bradley Turner is a molecular biologist and neuroscientist who trained at the University of Melbourne and University of Oxford and has been researching MND for over a decade.
Neurodegenerative diseases have a devastating impact on quality of life and impose a tremendous burden on the health care system. Among neurodegenerative conditions, motor neuro-degenerative diseases are the among the most rapidly fatal, with increasing disability and death within 2-3 years from symptom onset.
Dr Bradley Turner's laboratory is primarily focused on understanding the molecular basis of motor neuron disease (MND), also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). They are also interested in other motor neurodegenerative disorders, including spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and spinal bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA), more commonly known as Kennedy's disease.
In this lecture Dr Turner will present the latest information on the chase for a cure to this devastating disease, from immune-inspired treatments to gene therapies.

Tuesday, 27th June, 11.00am


The Brain is the Boss!
Prof Clive May, and special guest Prof Ronaldo Bellomo, Director, Intensive Care at Austin Health.
Prof Clive May is Head of the Florey's Neurocardiovascular Laboratory where he and his team research neural control of the heart. Heart failure continues to be a major health problem, with an increasing number of deaths attributed to heart failure, and increasing costs associated with care. Prof May's other main interest is in sepsis – the often fatal bacterial infection that can occur after surgery. He and his team are aiming to identify the onset of kidney failure that results from sepsis, so that intensive care units can intervene much more quickly than is currently possible. In this lecture Prof May will talk about how the brain plays a crucial role in heart and kidney disease.
Prof May will be joined by a special guest, Prof Ronaldo Bellomo, director of intensive care at Austin Health.

Tuesday, 11th July, 11.00am

Alzheimer's Disease: Inside the "Rustry Brain"
Prof Ashley Bush & Dr Scott Ayton
This lecture will be presented by one of the Florey's most renowned speakers Prof Ashley Bush, head of the Florey Oxidation Biology Unit: Neurodegeneration. You will also hear from Dr Scott Ayton who also works in the field of neurodegeneration, interrogating how neurones live, die and can be rescued to improve brain function in degenerative conditions. Together Prof Bush and Dr Ayton will take you on an exploration of the "rusty brain" to unravel the tangled world of iron in Alzheimer's disease.